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Belarusian Activist Sues Officials Over Meeting Ban

Ryhor Hryk
Ryhor Hryk
An activist in central Belarus has filed a lawsuit against municipal authorities accusing them of illegally banning a public gathering.
Ryhor Hryk told RFE/RL he thinks the judicial system should be independent. He said he hopes the municipal officials in the town of Baranavichy who are responsible for the "illegal ban" will be punished.
Hryk planned to hold a public gathering on October 23 under the slogan: "For a Life Without Lies and Fraud!" The protest was expected to mobilize activists who would challenge "price hikes and the impoverishment of ordinary citizens."
Baranavichy city authorities banned the gathering on the grounds that the chosen slogan "does not correspond to the norms and standards outlined in the Law on Public Gatherings of the Republic of Belarus."
Hryk told RFE/RL he decided to sue the authorities because his right to hold public gatherings on topical issues was violated. He said the slogan "For a Life Without Lies and Fraud!" is completely legal because it focuses on issues of vital concern to society.

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