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Berlin Police Arrest Russian DJ After Request From Washington

Russian DJ Denis Kaznacheyev (file photo)
Russian DJ Denis Kaznacheyev (file photo)

Police in Berlin have arrested Russian DJ Denis Kaznacheyev, who resides in the German capital, for alleged money laundering after they received a request from Washington.

Officials of the Russian Embassy in Berlin on June 8 confirmed reports that Kaznacheyev, who rejects the charges, had been arrested several days ago.

"The Russian Embassy has been informed about what happened. The embassy has not received any requests for consular or legal assistance from Denis Kaznacheyev. We are currently in the process of reaching agreements on establishing contact with Kaznacheyev, his lawyer, as well as with the administration of the facility where he is being held to verify the situation," a Russian Embassy spokesman said.

A June 7 posting on Kaznacheyev's Facebook page says he is currently in custody at Moabit prison in Berlin.

"Seven days ago, he was arrested by German police on behalf of the U.S. Justice Department, with regard to his extradition to the USA on charges of money laundering and dark web activities," the post says, adding that Kaznacheyev is innocent and might have been a victim of some hackers who stole his identity to commit cybercrimes.

Based on reporting by TASS and Interfax