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Islamist Bomber Jailed For 45 Years In Bosnia

Islamist extremist Haris Causevic in court in Sarajevo on December 20
A court in Bosnia has sentenced an Islamist militant to 45 years in prison over a deadly bomb attack, the longest sentence handed down in Bosnia for terrorism.

Haris Causevic was found guilty on December 20 of planting and triggering a bomb behind a police station in the central town of Bugojno in June 2010.

One police officer was killed and several others injured in the blast.

The judge said the goal of the terrorist act was to "intimidate the population and seriously destabilize Bosnia-Herzegovina's basic political, constitutional, and social structures" with a view to establishing Shari'a law in the country.

Causevic, who is a follower of the fundamentalist Wahhabi sect, was the prime suspect in the case.

Another suspect was acquitted due to lack of evidence.

A third suspect has already been sentenced to 14 years in jail.

Based on reporting by AFP and AP