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EU Condemns Attack On Bosnian Journalist

Stefica Galic (right) receives an award for bravery on behalf of her late husband, Nedeljko Galic, in Sarajevo in April.
The European Union has condemned an attack on Bosnian journalist, who was beaten after the screening of a documentary on her late husband, an ethnic Croat who helped Muslims during the Bosnian war.

The EU called on Bosnian authorities to thoroughly probe the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Stefica Galic, editor in chief of the online publication, was attacked in the Croat-dominated southern town of Ljubuski.

Her late husband, Nedjo Galic, was posthumously honored for civil courage during Bosnia's 1992-95 interethnic war for helping Muslims to flee the town to escape imprisonment in Croat-led detention camps.

Local media said Galic and her family had already been threatened by Croat nationalists before and after the screening of the film.

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