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Bosnian Muslim Cleric On Trial For IS Recruitment

The trial of a Bosnian Muslim cleric accused of recruiting fighters for the Islamic State militant group has started in Sarajevo.

Husein Bosnic was arrested in September. He is accused of publicly inciting and recruiting people to commit a terrorist act and of organizing a terrorist group during 2013 and 2014.

Prosecutor Dubravko Campara said, "The defendant has called on believers to take part in activities of the Islamic State at public gatherings and via YouTube."

Campara said at least six of the people Bosnic helped get to Syria were killed there but others were still believed to be alive and fighting in Syria "and therefore represent a threat for security in Bosnia once they return."

Campara said Bosnic received a "significant amount of money" from Arab countries.

Police say some 180 Bosnians, including women and children, have left for Syria during the last three years, 50 of them returned and 20 were killed there.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP