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IRGC Commander Said Killed In 'Final Test Phase' Of Intercontinental Missile Program

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (center) joined prayers over the coffins of IRGC members in Tehran on November 14, two days after the mysterious explosion.
A relative of the top Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps commander killed in a mysterious blast last week has told Iranian news agencies that his brother died while testing an intercontinental missile.

Revolutionary Guard Mohammad Tehrani Moghaddam told the state-run "Iran" newspaper that his brother, Hasan Tehrani Moghaddam, was killed in the "final testing phase" of the missile program.

Mogdamm was killed alongside at least 16 others in a blast at a military site southwest of Tehran on November 12 in what the IRGC said was as an accident.

Moghaddam told reporters that the incident has delayed the missile project for two weeks.

compiled from agency reports