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Freeze Claims More Lives In Europe

Ukraine is currently experiencing its coldest winter in six years.
Europe shivered in some of the coldest temperatures seen in decades on February 1 as the death toll from a recent cold snap topped 80.

In Ukraine, 13 people reportedly died of hypothermia over the past 24 hours -- bringing the overall toll there to 43 in recent days -- while more than 800 sought medical help for frostbite and hypothermia.

Poland reported five people found dead overnight, bringing the overall toll to 20 since January 27.

In both countries, temperatures plunged to minus 30 degrees Celsius in some regions.

Most of the victims have been homeless people.

Meanwhile, heavy snow caused disruption across the continent, carpeting much of Italy to the south and Turkey to the east.

In Serbia and Bosnia, rescue helicopters evacuated dozens of people from blocked villages and airlifted in emergency food and medicine.

Compiled from agency reports