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Cossacks To Widen Patrols With Moscow Police

Cossack militia members (left) check out street musicians at the entrance to a Moscow subway station on November 14.
Moscow's Cossacks are expanding the areas in the Russian capital where they patrol jointly with the police.

The administration of Moscow's southeast district said on November 26 that Cossacks from southeastern Moscow, who have already been out patrolling with police for some time, would "share their experience" with Cossacks in the central district.

The first new area for the joint patrols will be the neighborhood around the Belorussky Railway Station.

The head of Moscow's southeast district, Vladimir Zotov, said joint patrols would be responsible for keeping order in the area, preventing illegal parking or illegal sales of merchandise or other items.

Moscow's Cossacks have increased their public profile by vowing to guard Russian Orthodox churches after feminist group Pussy Riot performed a protest targeting Vladimir Putin in a Moscow cathedral earlier this year.

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