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Croatia's Jews To Boycott Government's Holocaust Commemoration

Members of Croatia's Jewish community walk past a memorial in the shape of a flower at Jasenovac in April 2016.

Croatia's Jewish communities will boycott a Holocaust commemoration at the country's parliament to protest what they say has been the government's tepid response to efforts by nationalists to glorify the country's World War II-era Nazi-collaborationist Ustasha regime.

The Coordinating Committee of Jewish Communities in Croatia announced on January 23 that it would skip the January 27 Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony because the government had failed to remove plaques placed around the country bearing the Ustasha slogan "Ready for the homeland."

One of the plaques has been installed at Jasenovac, the site of a Nazi-era death camp where some 100,000 people perished during the war.

The parliament's Constitutional Committee last year ruled that the plaque was an "insult to the victims of the Jasenovac camp" and urged local officials to remove it.

However, Jewish activists said, the Jasenovac plaque remained in place and others had appeared elsewhere in the country.

In April, the Jewish community boycotted the government's commemoration of Jasenovac victims and held its own to protest the government's tolerance of neo-Nazi nationalism and Ustasha nostalgia.