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The Daily Vertical: 'I Know You Are But What Am I?' (Transcript)

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I know you are, but what am I?

That's the best Dmitry Peskov could come up with.

That's the best the Kremlin spokesman could come up with in response to warnings from Germany's top intelligence chiefs that next year's election in that country could be targeted by Russian hackers.

Now call me crazy, but that's a pretty reasonable assumption, a pretty healthy fear, and a pretty prudent warning.

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Given the level of Russian hacking aimed at Western institutions of late and given the widespread allegations that Russian hackers just targeted an election in the United States, Germany''s intel chiefs would have been negligent not to issue such a warning.

And the Kremlin's response. Well, you truly can't make this stuff up.

Peskov said not only is Russia not planning a cyberattack on Germany's election -- but he went on to claim, offering absolutely no evidence or motive, that Germany launched a cyberattack on Russia's parliamentary elections in September.

Now there is a method to Peskov's I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I response.

And it goes beyond mere childish taunting.

It's a threat, pure and simple.

It's a signal that yes, Russia is indeed going to try to try to interfere in Germany's elections.

And why wouldn't they? They've gotten away scot-free with such meddling before

So why not try it again?

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