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Deadly Suicide Bombings, Clashes In North Iraq

A wounded Iraqi man receives treatment in a hospital following two bombings targeting the country's ethnic Shabak community.
Iraqi officials say at least 43 people were killed across the north on June 6 -- including the victims of a double car bombing that targeted an ethnic minority, attacks on security forces, and the shelling of a Shi’ite village north of Baghdad.

The car bombs hit the Shabak ethnic minority in the village of Tahrawa, about 400 kilometers north of Baghdad, killing at least seven and wounding more than 40.

In Mosul, clashes broke out on June 6 after gunmen tried to seize an army ammunition depot.

The attack was repelled but six soldiers were killed.

In other neighborhoods of Mosul, 16 militants and seven soldiers reportedly were killed in separate clashes on June 6.

After nightfall, at least seven people were killed by mortar shells that struck the Shi’ite village of Sabaa al-Bour about 30 kilometers north of Baghdad.
With reporting by AFP and AP