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Trump Spokesman Says No Evidence Russia Influenced Election Outcome

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, accompanied by wife Melania, answered questions from reporters on Russian hacking on December 31.

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's spokesman has said that no evidence has emerged that shows Russian hacking influenced the outcome of the November election.

"The way the mainstream media is playing it up is that [Russia] had an influence on the election. There is zero evidence that they actually influenced the election," Sean Spicer told Fox News on January 2.

Spicer, who will become White House press secretary when Trump takes office on January 20, said that "hacking is wrong" and "people shouldn’t be interfering."

But he echoed Trump's warning over the weekend against being quick to blame Russia for the cyberattacks.

President Barack Obama said the evidence of Russian meddling was so compelling that he expelled 35 Russian diplomats and imposed new sanctions on Russia last week. Lawmakers from both parties have endorsed his efforts.

But Trump has repeatedly played down the hacking allegations.

Over the weekend, Trump -- who currently receives the same intelligence as Obama -- said he knew "things that other people don't know" and would disclose some information on the issue on January 3 or 4.

"He's going to talk about his conclusions and where he thinks things stand," Spicer told CNN on January 2. "He's not going to reveal anything that was privileged or shared with him classified."

Based on reporting by Reuters, CNN, Fox News, and The Hill