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Duma To Vote This Week On Revoking Kremlin Critic's Mandate

Lawmaker Gennady Gudkov at a meeting in early September of the State Duma commission vetting deputies' income declarations.
Russian State Duma deputies say a debate and vote on whether to revoke the mandate of prominent Kremlin critic Gennady Gudkov has been included on the agenda of a Duma session on September 14.

Russian investigators have asked the Duma to strip Gennady Gudkov of his status as a deputy, accusing him of being involved in commercial activities that pose a conflict of interest.

Gudkov, a member of a left-leaning A Just Russia party, rejects the accusations.

He says prosecutors are acting on direct orders from the Kremlin ahead of an unauthorized Moscow opposition rally planned for the same day, September 14.

Gudkov is a rally organizer.

United Russia and Liberal Democratic Party say they support the motion to revoke Gudkov's mandate. Duma deputies from the Communist Party and A Just Russia are protesting the motion.

Based on reporting by Interfax and ITAR-TASS