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Early Voting Starts In Russian Presidential Poll

Early voting is taking place in remote areas of Russia ahead of the March 4 presidential election.

Members of the local election commissions of the autonomous Nenets district have visited reindeer herders in the Tundra region near the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

The electoral commission members take a special hand-carried ballot box with them, as voting takes place at nomad camps, out of reach by any transport except for snow mobile or helicopter.
Deputy head of the polling station at the Krasny settlement, Viktoria Vylka, said, "Sometimes we have difficulties due to weather conditions, when it's impossible to drive because of blizzard, or when the vehicles get out of order."
There are about 31,000 registered voters in the Nenets district.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is favored to win the election on March 4.
With Reuters reports