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Violence Rocks Cairo For Third Straight Day


Egyptian protesters have used makeshift shields during clashes with security forces in Cairo.
Protesters have been stoning security forces in Cairo on the third day of unrest in the Egyptian capital over the military government.

At least 10 people were killed in the violence that also destroyed a historic library housing priceless national archives.

Armed forces detained 164 people including minors, a military source said, as street battles raged outside parliament and government offices where protesters have been demanding an end to military rule.

Health Minister Fouad el-Nawawy was quoted as saying on Egyptian television that 10 people had been killed and 441 injured since the fighting broke out on December 15.

The military-backed prime minister, Kamal al-Ganzouri, has accused the protesters of being counterrevolutionaries, and has denied that security forces have opened fire with live ammunition.

"I ask all political forces and youth movements, men and women, all those who were born on Egyptian soil, to unite,” Ganzouri said on December 17. “Give the government, which fate made me its president, a chance until the end of January, until security is restored and the production wheel starts moving again."

Pro-reform demonstrators are demanding that Egypt's military rulers hand over power to genuine civilian control more swiftly.

The violence has come following the second round of Egypt's multistage elections, held 10 months after longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak was ousted during mass protests in February.

compiled from agency reports