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Russian Newspaper Suspects Attack Against Journalist Linked To Her Work

“Novaya gazeta” journalist Elena Milashina
The Moscow-based independent "Novaya Gazeta" daily says it does not rule out the possibility that an attack against one of its journalists this week was connected to her professional activities.

Elena Milashina and a friend were seriously beaten and robbed outside Moscow this week.

"Novaya Gazeta's" spokeswoman Nadezhda Prusenkova told RFE/RL that initially the newspaper's editors did not see reasons to link the attack with Milashina's professional activities.

But she added that more questions arose later regarding the incident.

Prusenkova said it was very strange that the alleged robbers had severely beaten Milashina, breaking her tooth and leaving at least 14 large bruises on her head after they took her and her friend's bags.

The New-York-based Committee to Protect Journalists has called on Russian authorities to "immediately investigate the attack."