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Florida Imam Convicted In Pakistani Taliban Case

A Muslim cleric in the United States has been convicted of funneling thousands of dollars to support Pakistan’s Taliban.

Hafiz Khan, a 77-year-old imam at a mosque in Miami, Florida, was found guilty on two conspiracy counts and two counts of supporting terrorists.

Each charge carries a potential 15-year prison sentence.

Prosecutors built their case around hundreds of FBI recordings of conversations in which Khan expressed support for Taliban attacks and spoke about sending $50,000 to Pakistan.

Khan also was recorded backing the overthrow of Pakistan's government in favor of strict Islamic law, praising the killing of U.S. military personnel, and praising a failed 2010 bombing attempt in New York's Times Square.

Khan insisted the money he sent overseas was for family, charity, and a madrasah in Pakistan's Swat Valley.

Based on reporting by AP, Reuters, NBC, and ABC