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FSB Names Former Russian Spy In Estonia

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) has revealed the name of an agent it says spied for the FSB for 20 years while working at Estonia's internal security police (KAPO).

The FSB said Uno Puusepp was an FSB agent who was key to Russia receiving information about anti-Russian activities in Estonia and the work of the security services of the United States, Sweden, Great Britain, and other countries in the Baltic state.

Puusepp appeared on the Russian channel NTV on December 14, giving a lengthy interview about what he said was his time working for KAPO and delivering information to the FSB.

It was unclear why the FSB chose now to disclose Puusepp's alleged work.

But Russia uses such reports, often on NTV, to portray the Baltic states as a hotbed of Western activity aimed to spy on and weaken Russia.

Puusepp said he joined the KGB in the 1970s and claimed he was one of several former KGB agents that Estonian authorities kept on for work in KAPO.

KAPO dismissed Puusepp three years ago, after which he moved to Moscow.

Based on reporting by NTV and Interfax