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Pakistani Media Reports Osama Killed By Own Guard

"The News International," a relatively reputable Pakistani newspaper, is reporting that one of Osama bin Laden's "colleagues," Ahmad Shaikh, took bin Laden's pistol from him and shot the Al-Qaeda leader before U.S. special forces entered the room.

Here is the report by Agha Khalid:

(KARACHI) Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had taken oath from his sons, guards and colleagues that if the Americans ever arrested him, his aides would shoot him instantly, sources told The News on Tuesday.

When US forces raided the compound where Osama was living, one of Osama’s guards and colleagues, Ahmad Shaikh, rushed to the second floor. Osama asked him if he remembered his oath. When Ahmad replied in the affirmative, Osama pulled out his pistol and gave it to Ahmad who fired a shot at Osama’s chest. Osama fell down and pointed his finger at his head. Ahmad then shot Osama in the head. In the meantime, US soldiers entered and grappled with Ahmad. They beat him up and took him along with them.

For more on how the Pakistani media is reacting to the bin Laden raid, read Bashir Ahamad Gwakh's piece: "For Some In Pakistani Media, Bin Laden A 'Martyr.'"

-- Daud Khattak