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Gazprom Seeks Remaining Shares In Armenian Gas Importer

The banners of ArmRusgazprom and Gazprom fly side by side.
Russian natural-gas company Gazprom is in discussions to acquire the Armenian government's shares in the company responsible for importing, storage, and distribution of gas in Armenia.

Gazprom chief Aleksei Miller met with Armenian Energy Minister Armen Movsisyan at Gazprom headquarters on June 17 to discuss the terms for assuming the Armenian government's 20-percent stake in ArmRosgazprom.

Gazprom already owns the remaining 80 percent of shares in the company.

The possible acquisition of Armenia's shares in ArmRosgazprom would offset cost increases for Russian gas supplies to Armenia.

Gazprom exported some 1.7 billion cubic meters of gas to Armenia last year.