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Gazprom Says Russian Consumers 'Priority' As EU Supplies Dwindle

Gas flares off under heavy snowfall at a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant on Sakhalin island outside the town of Korsakov
Russian energy company Gazprom said on February 4 it could not pump any additional gas to Western Europe, citing domestic demands amid an ongoing cold spell.

Gazprom's statement comes after European Union officials noted a drop in Russian gas deliveries in several EU countries.

Russian Prime Minister Putin has urged Gazprom to respect its European contracts but said internal demand was the "priority task."

The European death toll from the cold wave, meanwhile, has continued to rise, with more than 220 deaths from hypothermia recorded across the continent.

Ukraine has suffered the highest number of fatalities, with 122 weather-related deaths as temperatures dipped to minus 33 degrees Celsius.

Heavy snowfall has been reported in Bosnia, trapping many people in their homes and leaving drivers stranded on the road.

compiled from agency reports