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Georgian Opposition Lawmaker Assaulted, Hospitalized

Georgian opposition lawmaker Nugzar Tsiklauri says he has been beaten by a gang of unknown men in a failed attempt to kidnap him.

Tsiklauri was hospitalized late on March 30 as a result of the attack.

He told journalists the following day that he was walking to his home when at least seven attackers approached him in three cars.

He said they beat him and tried to force him into one of the cars, but fled when he resisted and his shouts for help attracted attention.

Tsiklauri also said the attackers used a Taser-like weapon against him before fleeing.

He said the attack was most likely politically motivated.

Tsiklauri is a leading member of the United National Movement party led by the former President Mikheil Saakashvili.
Based on reporting by and Interfax