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Gunman Killed After Taking Hostages During Moscow Bank Robbery

A man (not seen here) who attempted to rob the Credit Bank of Moscow after taking hostages was killed by police.

Police in Moscow say a man who took hostages during an attempted bank robbery has been killed.

Police spokeswoman Sofia Khotina told state-run Rossia-24 that the man was "liquidated" during an operation by special forces late on May 18.

None of the six hostages were reported injured.

Five hostages had been freed before the police operation.

The sixth hostage was a cashier who took shelter in a secure room of the bank.

News reports said the man, wearing a mask, entered the Credit Bank of Moscow branch with what appeared to be a pistol.

After most of the hostages left, the man reportedly demanded a large sum of money and threatened to set off a bomb.

Based on reporting by AP and Rossia-24 TV