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Head Of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Accuses Saudi Arabia Of 'Killing A Nation'

The head of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has accused Saudi Arabia of following in Israel’s footsteps by carrying out air strikes in Yemen.

Irran's official IRNA news agency reported that the IRGC commander, General Mohammad Ali Jafari, said Iran’s arch-enemy Saudi Arabia was "shamelessly and disgracefully bombing and killing a nation.”

Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shi’ite Iran have been longtime regional rivals.

Since late March a Saudi-led coalition has been conducting air strikes in Yemen aimed at blocking the advance of the Shi'ite Huthis and their allies.

The Huthis took over the capital, Sanaa, in January. President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi fled in March when the Huthis reached the southern port city of Aden.

Saudi Arabia and the United States have accused Iran of arming the Huthis. Tehran denies this, saying Iran only provides political and humanitarian support.

Iranian leaders have criticized the air strikes.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters.