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Iran 'Safest,' Gatherings Banned

Hossein Salami, Deputy Commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard

Iranian Official: We Are World's Safest Country

December 3 -- During a visit to Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan in Iran, the deputy commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard said his country is the safest place on earth. Hossein Salami made his comments one day after Iran's Prime Minister called for measures to prevent hostage taking in Sistan and Balouchetsan, two Iranian areas where kidnappings and suicide bombings have been stepped up in recent years.

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Street Gatherings Banned
December 3 -- Iranian police have announced that all gatherings in the streets after December 7 will be considered illegal and authorities will disrupt any assembly.The chief of police added that all gatherings in a university area will be required to obtain a license from the Ministry of Science.

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