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Heavy Fighting Reported In Iraqi Anbar Province

Heavy fighting between Iraqi security forces and Al-Qaeda-linked militants and antigovernment tribesmen is reported in the violence-plagued city of Ramadi.

Clashes with shoot-outs and several large explosions were reported in the city, which is the main city of Iraq's Anbar Province.

It was particularly heavy in the Al-Bakr, Al-Hawz, Al-Malab, and Al-Jumhuri districts.

Clashes have also been ongoing in the nearby city of Fallujah and other towns and villages in Anbar.

The fighting has intensified since Iraqi security forces pulled out of several parts of Ramadi on April 8.

The Women's and Children's Hospital in the city center was damaged by mortar fire, injuring four people.

In Fallujah, clashes and indiscriminate shelling continued into the night in several of the city's districts.

Widespread clashes are also taking place in Al-Garma township to the northeast of the city.