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Hillary Clinton Joins The Fun On Mock Tumblr Page

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton likes a good joke, too.
A playful Tumblr paean to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that caught fire on the web has also garnered international media attention.

Many of the mounting mashup contributions to textsfromhillaryclinton feature an iconic image by "Time" photographer Diana Walker of Clinton, in shades, fiddling with a Blackberry aboard a transport plane. They include imaginary exchanges between Clinton and aides, politicians, and even Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg ("Guess what I just bought?" "A shirt with a big boy collar?").

All in good fun. Madame Secretary is seemingly amused, too.

The United States' top diplomat has responded, including a hand-written message thanking the originators of the Tumblr page for all the laughs.

Says "The Guardian":

The Tumblr feed, which was the brainchild of Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith, attracted a huge internet following – and numerous submissions – before coming to the attention of the woman herself.

On Tuesday, Clinton sent Lambe and Smith her own take on the meme, in which she mocks Stacy's self-portrait and makes light of her fondness for wearing scrunchies in her hair. She also posed for a picture with the pair as proof that her submission was real.

Her entry was autographed with the dedication: "Adam, thanks for the many LOLZ. Hillary 'Hillz'."

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