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Hungary Summons U.S. Envoy Over McCain's 'Neofascist' Comment

Hungary summoned the top U.S. diplomat on December 3 to protest comments by U.S. Senator John McCain branding Prime Minister Viktor Orban a "neofascist dictator."

During Senate hearings for new ambassadors in Washington on December 2, McCain described Hungary as "a nation that is on the verge of ceding its sovereignty to a neo-fascist dictator getting in bed with [Russian President] Vladimir Putin."

On December 3, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Levente Magyar told U.S. Charge d'Affaires Andre Goodfriend that Hungary considers the comments "unacceptable."

The senator's comments came after a confirmation hearing for Colleen Bell, a television soap-opera producer.

McCain told the Senate that Hungary is a "very important country where bad things are going on. And we're going to send the producer of 'The Bold And The Beautiful' as the ambassador."

Bell was narrowly approved in a Senate vote.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP