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Lawsuit Alleges Iran Was Behind 2007 Raid In Iraq That Killed U.S. Soldiers

The families of three U.S. soldiers killed during a brazen attack in Iraq are suing the Iranian government for allegedly orchestrating the raid.

Filed late on March 30 in the U.S. District Court in Washington, the lawsuit alleges that the three U.S. soldiers were taken prisoner and then murdered in January 2007 by Iranian-backed Hizbullah agents and the Khazali network, an Iraqi militant group also funded and trained by Iran.

The lawsuit said Iran directed the assault on the provincial headquarters in Karbala as retaliation for the arrest of Iranian agents operating in Iraq by U.S. forces.

The attack was one of the boldest and most sophisticated during eight years of warfare in Iraq.

Gunmen posed as a U.S. security team to get past the headquarters checkpoint manned by Iraqi police.

They traveled in black SUVs, had American-style weapons, wore U.S. military combat fatigues, and spoke English.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters