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Iran Asks Afghanistan For More Water

Afghanistan's Helmand River
An Iranian lawmaker is calling on Afghanistan to release more water to save a regional lake.

Iran's Tasnim news agency quoted Deputy Kamaleddin Pirmoazzen Saturday as saying Hamun Lake in the southeastern part of the country is drying up rapidly due to lack of water Afghanistan has pledged to provide.

The lake has been drying up for decades, but Pirmoazzen -- a member of the Iranian parliament's environmental committee -- said the problem has increased since Afghanistan started constructing dams along rivers flowing into Iran.

Water from the Helmand River has decreased in part due to the Kijaki Dam in Afghanistan.

Hamun Lake is located in Iran's Sistan-Baluchistan region, a largely desert area.

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The two countries signed an agreement on the flow of water from transborder rivers in 1973.

Based on reporting by Tasnim and