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Iran Confirms It Built Drone Sent Over Israel By Hizballah

Israel scrambled fighter jets to intercept a drone on October 6 that crossed deep into Israeli airspace from the Mediterranean Sea, shooting the aircraft down over the country's southern desert, the military said.
Tehran has confirmed it built a drone aircraft that was launched a week ago over Israel by the Iranian-backed Lebanese militant group Hizballah.

Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi told Iranian state television on October 14 that the flight by the unmanned aircraft showed Iran's military capabilities.

On October 11, Hizballah claimed responsibility for launching the drone aircraft.

It was shot down by Israeli forces after it flew 55 kilometers into Israeli airspace.

Iran has said the drone incursion exposed the weakness of Israeli air defenses, which are designed to shoot down short-range rockets.

Vahidi said the flight showed that Israel can "no longer bully Islamic nations."

Based on reporting by Reuters and dpa