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Tehran Condemns Shi'a Killings In Egypt

Iran's Foreign Ministry has condemned the killing of four Shi'ite Egyptians near Cairo.

In a statement published on the website of Iran's English-language news channel, Press TV, the Foreign Ministry said such extremism violated the tenets of Islam.

The four worshippers had gathered on June 23 at the home of a prominent Shi'a on the outskirts of Cairo to mark a religious festival.

They were beaten to death by a hostile crowd, which accused them of heresy.

Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi condemned what he called the "heinous crime."

However, critics have accused Morsi of using the conflict in Syria to stir up sectarian tensions in Egypt.

Around 90 percent of Iranians belong to the Shi'ite denomination, whereas in Egypt the corresponding figure is estimated at no more than 2 percent.

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