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Iran Steps Up Criticism Over U.S.-Led Air Strikes

Smoke rises after an air strike by what was believed to have been an alliance war plane on Islamic State targets in the west of Kobani on October 8.

Tehran continued to emphasize its opposition to the U.S.-led air strikes against IS in Syria and Iraq on October 8, with Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham saying that the international community had ignored the plight of the Kurdish population in Kobani.

Afkham said that Kobani was "part of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity" and that Tehran was ready to provide any assistance required by the Syrian government.

However, the Syrian government had not requested any assistance, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman added, a pointed reference to Iran’s criticisms that the U.S.-led coalition was carrying out air strikes in Syria without the express consent of Bashar al-Assad’s government.

Afkham said that the U.S.-led air strikes had encouraged IS to take whatever actions it wished in Syria and Iraq.

Echoing comments made by Assad’s other main ally, Moscow, on October 8, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that the U.S.-led coalition’s actions went against international regulations, Iranian news agency ISNA reports.

Iran has stepped up its criticism of the U.S.-led coalition in past days. Afkham’s remarks come after Iran’s supreme leader and the deputy chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces both expressed strong opposition to the U.S.-led strikes in Syria on October 8.

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