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Larijani Dismisses Concerns Over Iranian Election Bill

Ali Larijani
Iran’s parliament speaker Ali Larijani has dismissed concerns over the election reform bill that was adopted on December 2.

The bill introduces tougher prerequisites for those looking to contest in the country's presidential election.

Critics, including Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, have said the bill goes against Iran's constitution.

Larijani, however, said that the bill is aimed at preserving freedoms and making sure the election is held peacefully.

According to the bill, election candidates will need the endorsement of 100 members of parliament or 25 members of the Assembly of Experts.

Candidates must also be aged 45 to 75 and must have either a master's degree or equivalent from a seminary of a traditional Islamic higher education institution.

The bill needs the Guardian Council's approval to become law.

Iran’s presidential election is scheduled for June 14, 2013.

With reporting by Press TV and Mehr