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Live Blog: Iran Votes For President


Iranians went to the polls on June 16 in the country's first presidential vote since the disputed 2009 election that saw Mahmud Ahmadinejad reelected for a second and final term. RFE/RL editors and the team at Radio Farda will provide updates throughout the day and night on the vote, letting you know what's at stake and what comes next for Iran.

An Iranian woman casts her vote at a polling station in Tehran.
00:34 15.6.2013
00:33 15.6.2013
00:20 15.6.2013
00:08 15.6.2013
00:01 15.6.2013
00:00 15.6.2013
23:55 14.6.2013
The semi-official Mehr news agency citing estimates of initial election resulsts by its reporters, says Rohani and Qalibaf are leading. Mehr says these are not official results.
23:49 14.6.2013
23:48 14.6.2013
23:30 14.6.2013

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