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An Iranian woman casts her vote at a polling station in Tehran.
An Iranian woman casts her vote at a polling station in Tehran.

Live Blog: Iran Votes For President


Iranians went to the polls on June 16 in the country's first presidential vote since the disputed 2009 election that saw Mahmud Ahmadinejad reelected for a second and final term. RFE/RL editors and the team at Radio Farda will provide updates throughout the day and night on the vote, letting you know what's at stake and what comes next for Iran.

10:19 15.6.2013

Reactions from Radio Farda listeners calling from different cities in Iran:

"My name is Mohammad. Certainly, Mr. [Hassan] Rohani win will the election, we are very happy now. Today is Saturday, and we’re going to celebrate."

"I’m Amin from the city of Bandar Abbas. Many people voted for [Hassan] Rohani here.Whoever I met, I told them to vote for Rohani because he is better than [Mohammad Baqer] Qalibaf. But only half of the people who voted in the past election came to vote this time. If the next president were to improve things it would be nice. Otherwise they should not expect anyone to show up to vote in the next election."

"I’m a Radio Farda listener. I’ve been sitting here and listening to the developments since the morning. I voted for [Hassan] Rohani. I hope, he gets office and works to bring the country out of crisis."

"I’m calling from Mashhad. Although I’m not allowed to talk to foreign media, I would like to say that until yesterday we thought that our votes wouldn’t count. But today I can say with all certainty that we are a democratic society, and our votes will be counted, and will be heard."

"If there is a second round, we will vote for [Hassan] Rohani again."
01:42 15.6.2013
Jokes are flying among fun-loving Iranians about the delay in the announcement of the official results of the vote. Only partial results have been announced so far. Meanwhile the state television has been airing programs that are unrelated to the vote including a show on zombies and a discussion on pancreas cancer. Many are impatiently waiting. Here is what a Tehran based pro-reform journalist wrote on Facebook: [Authorities] are not used to counting votes, that's why it's taking them so long."
01:36 15.6.2013
01:35 15.6.2013
01:32 15.6.2013
01:27 15.6.2013
01:23 15.6.2013
Speaking on state TV, Iran's Interior Minister announced, based on the results of 800,000 votes that Rohani is leading with about 400,000 of the votes, next is Qalibaf with some 12,5000, and Jalili is third with about 12,000 votes. Rezai came fourth according to the partial results announced by the interior minister, followed by Velayati and Gharazi.
01:05 15.6.2013
01:01 15.6.2013
00:34 15.6.2013

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