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Iran Explores Joining Project To Harness Energy From Nuclear Fusion

Iran is hoping to join an international project that aims to harness the energy produced by nuclear fusion for the first time for peaceful purposes, the Associated Press reported on July 8.

Laban Coblentz, spokesman for the ITER project, told AP that a high-level Iranian delegation led by nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi and Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari visited St. Paul Lez Durance in southern France on June 30-July 1, where a fusion-harnessing device is being built.

Salehi told Iranian news media on July 6 that during the visit "we discussed possibilities of Iran's joining to ITER, and the other members welcomed a prospective Iran membership."

Nuclear fusion joins atoms together and is the process that powers the sun. The project's pioneering research aims to pave the way for building nuclear fusion power plants that would create limitless electricity without polluting byproducts.

Coblentz said Iran's nuclear deal with the West encouraged Tehran to "explore" joining the project. He said the Iranians are "very eager to get moving" and join the 35 countries already collaborating on it.

Based on reporting by AP