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Iranian General Calls For More Funds To Fight IS In Region

An Iranian general has called for more funds to confront the Islamic State (IS) militant group, whose influence is growing in neighboring countries.

General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan, who commands Iran's ground forces, told parliament on May 24 that the Islamic republic faces a "new threat in the region."

Pourdastan referred to neighboring Afghanistan and Pakistan, where the IS group has made inroads.

IS has also seized large swaths of western and northern Iraq, close to the Iranian border.

Iranian media reports quoted him as saying that Iran's forces needed to "buy tanks, transport vehicles, and to overhaul our helicopters."

Pourdastan did not say by how much the defense budget should be increased.

Iran has military advisers in Iraq and Syria and provides financial and military support to the governments of both countries in their fight against IS.

Based on reporting by AFP and Fars