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Iran Announces New Radar Systems, Surface-To-Air Missile

Iran has unveiled a new surface-to-air missile and two radar systems in what it says will boost its defense capabilities.

Air Defense chief General Farzad Esmaili said on Iranian television that the Talash-3 (Endeavor-3) missile will enable Iranian forces to "shoot down any hostile target."

He said the new missile can strike planes or other missiles at high altitudes but did not reveal its range.

Esmaili said the missile was recently test-fired successfully.

Tehran regularly claims military advances that cannot be verified.

Esmaili said Iran had also built two new radar systems, the Arash-2 and Kayhan.

The Arash-2 can reportedly detect miniature drones at a distance of 150 kilometers.

Another new system inaugurated on September 2 allows for information on civilian airplanes in Iranian airspace to be instantly ascertained by Iranian officials.

Based on reporting by AFP and AP