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Obama Sells Iran Nuclear Deal To Public, Lawmakers, Mideast Allies

U.S. President Barack Obama will hold a press conference July 15 , launching an elaborate communications campaign to convince Americans, allies and skeptical lawmakers about the benefits of a nuclear deal with Iran.

Obama will answer media questions in the East Room of the White House, spokesman Josh Earnest said.

With Israel, Republican presidential candidates, and GOP lawmakers already rushing to denounce the deal, the White House is aggressively making its case.

Many Republican candidates have already vowed to repeal the deal.

Obama's supporters fear a tight vote in Congress. They must garner the backing of a majority of Democrats there to keep the deal alive.

Obama has personally briefed some lawmakers, as well the likely Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, who has endorsed the deal.

To make the case to dismayed allies in the MIddle East, where the deal could have a transforming effect, Obama placed calls to leaders of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Israel July 14.

He also is dispatching Defense Secretary Ash Carter to the region next week to reassure allies of America's commitment to their security.

Based on reporting by AFP and Reuters