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Arrested Iran Opposition Leader Karrubi Undergoes Foot Surgery

  • RFE/RL

An Iranian opposition political party says its leader, who has been under house arrest for four years without charge, has undergone foot surgery for a broken bone.

Mehdi Karrubi, former chairman of Iran's parliament, was put under house arrest in 2011 after he challenged the results of the 2009 presidential election that returned hard-liner Mahmud Ahmadinejad to office.

Karrubi's National Confidence Party on December 8 quoted his son, Hossein, as saying the "surgery was successful."

The party website says Hossein Fereidoun, the brother of President Hassan Rohani, visited Karrubi in the hospital and wished him a speedy recovery.

It was the sixth time Karrubi has undergone surgery while under house arrest.

He previously has had heart, eye, and back surgery.

With reporting by AP