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The eight candidates who won approval to stand in Iran's presidential elections to be held in June.
The eight candidates who won approval to stand in Iran's presidential elections to be held in June.

Live Blog: Presidential Debate In Iran

In Tehran on May 31, the eight men approved to stand in Iran's presidential election on June 14 debated the issues live on Iranian state TV. RFE/RL's Golnaz Esfandiari live-blogged the debate.

16:50 31.5.2013
The first live televised debate between Iran's eight presidential candidates ended after more than three hours. The candidates talked about how to reduce Iran's dependence on oil revenue, and also how to resolve issues such as inflation and unemployment. They often expressed similar views or failed to offer concrete measures. The second part of the debate looked more like a TV comedy after candidates started arguing with the presenter over the short questions and answers format. Several Iranians inside the country said they believe the debate failed to generate enthusiasm among voters -- unlike the 2009 presidential debates. The candidates will participate in two more live debates in which they will explain their cultural and political policies.

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16:20 31.5.2013
16:17 31.5.2013
The backlash from a couple of the candidates was interesting. One of our Radio Farda journalists notes that Aref -- with the support of two other candidates -- complained that answering questions at a lectern did not qualify as "debate." Indeed, the debate participants could not challenge one another at all.
15:23 31.5.2013
15:23 31.5.2013
15:13 31.5.2013
It's been more than three hours, I need to step away. Will try to do a wrap later.
15:12 31.5.2013
Gharazi talks about nutrition and obesity in Iran.
15:10 31.5.2013
Next picture: hospital, patient being removed apparently after surgery. Candidates talk about the need to improve health care.
15:08 31.5.2013
Rohani: why there are so many problems for sea transports because of sanctions. Next government should find a solution.
15:06 31.5.2013
Next picture: a ship.

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