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Iran's President-Elect Urges End To Meddling In Private Lives

Iranian President-elect Hassan Rohani at a June 20 appearance
Iran's president-elect, Hassan Rohani, has called on government and powerful clerics to end interference in the private lives of the Iranian people.

Speaking to clerics in a televised address in Tehran on July 3, Rohani called for freeing up access to the Internet and said that state media should report about ordinary people's problems. Rohani said that "today the ground has been prepared for popular participation. The people have pinned their hopes on the future."

Last week, Rohani said he would pursue "moderation in foreign policy" through what he called "constructive interaction" with the outside world.

Rohani, a moderate cleric who won almost 51 percent of the vote in elections to succeed hard-liner Mahmud Ahmadinejad, said he would move to build trust and ease tensions once he takes office on August 3.

Based on reporting by Reuters and the "Washington Post"