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Iran Protests Over Plane Interception In Yemen

Iran's Foreign Ministry has summoned the Saudi charge d'affaires in Tehran to protest Riyadh's alleged interception of Iranian planes carrying humanitarian aid to war-torn Yemen.

Iranian media say Saudi jets forced two cargo planes carrying food, medicine, and wounded Yemenis who had been treated in Iran to leave Yemeni airspace on April 23 and 24.

"This is brazen interference in Yemen's state affairs and also a violation of Yemen's airspace," ISNA news agency quoted an unnamed Iranian official as telling the Saudi diplomat.

Tasnim news agency said the Foreign Ministry also had complained to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Yemen’s airspace is controlled by a Saudi-led coalition, which has conducted air strikes over the past month against Shi'ite Huthi rebels.

The United States and Saudi Arabia have accused Shi'ite Iran of arming the Huthis. Tehran denies that.

Based on reporting by AFP and Reuters