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Iranian President Warns 'Petrodollar' States About Supporting Militants

Iranian President Hassan Rohani
Iranian President Hassan Rohani has said in a speech that those who "spend their money and oil dollars to help terrorists today [should] know that tomorrow is your turn."

Rohani was speaking June 22 at the opening of a two-day international conference on the Second Shi'a Imam Hasan.

He warned unspecified countries that their support for militant groups would lead to their own downfall.

"Do not think that these wild terrorists who you directed toward others [will not harm you]," Rohani said and added, "Tomorrow will be your turn. Stop it. Stop the bloodshed."

Rohani called for unity between Shi'a and Sunnis who are brothers."

"We Muslims must all stand against extremism and violence," he said.

Iran has already come out openly in support of authorities in neighboring Iraq who are battling Sunni militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
Based on reporting by AFP and IRIN