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Deals Call For Russia To Build Eight Nuclear Reactors In Iran

Iran's sole nuclear power station at Bushehr -- Iran has said it plans to build 20 nuclear power plants in a bid to ease its dependency on oil and gas.

Russia will build two nuclear power reactors in Iran under deals signed in Moscow that call for the eventual construction of eight reactors in the Islamic state.

The November 11 agreements come before a self-imposed November 24 deadline for a deal between Iran and six global powers including Russia to curb Tehran's nuclear program, which the West says may be aimed at building atomic weapons but Iran says is for peaceful purposes.

Russian and Iranian state nuclear companies signed a contract on the construction of two reactors at the Bushehr power plant with the possible expansion to four reactors at the facility.

Iran's first nuclear power reactor, built by Russia, went online at Bushehr in 2011.

Under a separate protocol, also signed on November 11, Russia and Iran intend to cooperate on the construction of a total of eight reactors -- four at Bushehr and four elsewhere.

Based on reporting by Interfax, AFP, and Reuters