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U.S. Senate Passes Iran Nuclear Review Bill

The U.S. Senate has voted overwhelmingly to pass a bill giving Congress the right to review, and potentially reject, an international nuclear agreement with Iran.

The 89-1 vote sent the measure to the House of Representatives, which is expected to consider it as soon as next week.

The White House has said President Barack Obama would sign it into law if it also passes the House, as expected.

Should a deal with Tehran be reached, the bill would freeze U.S. sanctions relief for Iran for 30 days, during which time Congress could vote to approve or reject the accord.

Tehran has criticized the so-called Iran Nuclear Review Act, saying that Iranian negotiators are working with six world powers on a permanent nuclear agreement -- not legislators from any single contry.

A dispute arose last week among Republican senators about amendments added to the bill.

Many of the provisions were considered "poison pills" that would cause some Democrats to withdraw their support and provoke a veto by President Barack Obama.

Based on reporting by Reuters and C-Span