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Iran Says It Acquired Ballistic Missiles With Multiple Warheads

A picture released by Iran's Defense Ministry on August 20, 2010, shows the test-firing at an undisclosed location in Iran of a surface-to-surface Qiam missile, said to be entirely designed and built domestically.
Iran's Defense Ministry says it has acquired four types of ballistic missiles equipped with multiple warheads.

Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan on March 5 announced a delivery of ballistic missiles named Qiam, Qadr H1, Fateh-110, and Persian Gulf, as well as the Mersad air-defense system.

Speaking at a ceremony, Dehghan said Iran will continue to boost its deterrent and defense capabilities.

He said Western sanctions had not had the "slightest" effect on Iran's defense sector.

Iran regularly claims armament advances that are impossible to independently verify.

In a rare public report in 2012, the Pentagon noted significant advances in Iranian missile technology and said Iran had improved their accuracy and firing capabilities.

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