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Iraqi Air Strikes Hit Militants Near Besieged Shi'ite Turkoman Town

Iraqi aircraft have attacked Islamic State fighters in northeastern Iraq who have surrounded and besieged the predominantly Shi’ite Turkoman town of Amerli.

Iraqi military officials said their air strikes on August 29 hit jihadists in several villages around Amerli, while a helicopter gunship also attacked militants near the village of Jabal Hareem on Amerli’s southern flank.

Iraqi ground forces have been massing at Jabal Hareem during the past week for what they say will be a major assault aimed at break the siege of Amerli.
The Shi'ite Turkmen town has been surrounded for more than two months.

Its residents have put up fierce resistance against the militants, but now face severe shortages of food and water.

Amerli’s residents are in grave danger because of their Shi'ite faith, which is considered heresy by extremists in the Sunni-led Islamic State.

Based on reports by AFP and Reuters