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At Least 15 Killed In Baghdad Bombings

A security officer inspects the load of a pickup truck at a checkpoint in Baghdad on May 29.
Iraqi officials say bomb attacks in two Baghdad neighborhoods have killed at least 15 people and wounded dozens more.

The attacks in the evening hours of May 29 extend a wave of bloodshed that has become the country's most sustained violence since the U.S. forces withdrew from Iraq at the end of 2011.

Police say the deadliest attack on May 29 struck the northwestern Sunni neighborhood of Ghazaliyah, where a roadside bomb and car bomb exploded near a market and killed 10.

Another car bomb exploded in the mixed Sunni-Shiite area of Hay Jihad, killing five and wounding 18.

A wave of bombings in central and northern Iraq on May 28 killed at least 15 people.

A day earlier, more than 70 people were killed by a series of blasts in mostly Shi’ite areas of Baghdad.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters